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Resources of Interest for Jewelry Designers and Marketers

If you want to be successful selling your handmade jewelry designs, it’s important to have current information on trends in the jewelry industry. I’ve put together some hard-to-find resources you can use to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of jewelry design. Here are some websites you should have bookmarked on your computer: […]

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How to Supplement Your Jewelry Design Income

Would you like to discover more ways to make money with your jewelry design skills and expertise? We all know the jewelry business has its share of slow times which is going to be true of almost any business you enter. Here are some ways to bring in extra income when your jewelry sales are […]

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How to Use Jewelry Trunk Shows to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry

Selling your handmade jewelry through trunk shows at galleries and boutiques can be both lucrative and rewarding for a variety of reasons. How many times to you get the chance to display your jewelry to a targeted audience of customers without having to pay for display space? Plus, it gives you an opportunity to connect […]

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Using Squidoo to Market Your Handmade Jewelry Online

If you want a fun and effective way to increase traffic to your jewelry website or to your ebay store and auctions, you might want to consider building a Squidoo lens. What’s a lens? It’s a fast, fun, free, and easy-to-build single web page that you can use to promote your jewelry designs, your website, your Ebay […]

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Market Your Jewelry on Ebay & Ebay Stores

Good morning everyone! I want to get back to giving you some ideas for improving your online sales of handmade jewelry. If you’re an Ebay seller, you’ll find this to be helpful. Even if you don’t sell online at all, you will still benefit from incorporating these ideas into your promotional literature. When I first […]

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