Using Squidoo to Market Your Handmade Jewelry Online

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Using Squidoo to Market Your Handmade Jewelry Online

If you want a fun and effective way to increase traffic to your jewelry website or to your ebay store and auctions, you might want to consider building a Squidoo lens. What’s a lens? It’s a fast, fun, free, and easy-to-build single web page that you can use to promote your jewelry designs, your website, your Ebay auctions, or your Ebay store.

The best part is you can build a lens quickly and its absolutely free. There are no hosting charges. Plus, you can receive revenues for relevant ads that are automatically placed on your site by Squidoo. You can also choose from a variety of modules you can include on your site for which you can earn money if someone purchases an item form one of your selected modules.

For example, one option is the Amazon module. You can select your favorite books on jewelry design and have them displayed on your site along with a review if you should so choose. If someone purchases that book from your lens, you’ll receive a commission. Squidoo makes lots of other modules available to you including U Tube videos, ebay, and a lot more. All of these modules can earn money for you. Plus, you can promote your own jewelry or any other programs you deem appropriate.

Once you get proficient at creating a lens, you can have one up in 5-10 minutes. There’s no limit to the number of lenses you can create. If you want to have ten lenses promoting different aspects of your jewelry, you can do that and link them all together.

I’ve found a Squidoo lens to be an excellent way to get traffic to my websites. It also can help you get better search engine rankings if you link it to your jewelry store or web page. There’s lots of good information on how to get your website ranked highly within the Squidoo system including Squidoo University which gives you lots of good information on how to promote your lens.

I’ve noticed some people have constructed lenses promoting their Etsy shops as well as their Yessy galleries. If you want to view some jewelry related lenses, you can click here. In the upper right hand corner, you’ll find a search box where you can search for “jewelry” and get an idea of how people have used lenses to promote their jewelry.

If you build a lens, let me know and email a link to me and I’ll be happy to create a links page and include a link to your new lens.

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